The following are just a few of the many testimonials from our happy clients. You may also view more of our reviews on our Google + Page:


I knew when I needed to finally have this thing done it would be you guys.  I did take bids, but really liked the way Ronnie handled it (spoke human and made it easy to understand).  The way that everything went was perfect.  It was WAY easier than I expected.  You guys rocked.  Please tell Ronnie and Dallas that we really appreciate everything and the way they handled our house like it was theirs.

Mike C. Garland, TX


I sincerely appreciate you making time on the weekend to repair our system.  I guess that is why I don't ever have a problem referring your company. 

Frank M.  Dallas, TX 

Thank you very much!  I appreciate the service you have provided.  We were very satisfied with the work done at our office.  I'll be calling for some work at our house next! 

Deborah T.  Dallas, TX 

Thanks again for great service! 

Steve L.  Garland, TX 

Please thank Ronnie for staying on the job at our house until he was certain that we had a home supplied with heat!  Committed technicians are hard to find now days! 

Essie L.  Dallas, TX 

This is to thank you with all my heart for your prompt and friendly installation of my new A/C.  Not only did you come right over (as you said you would) but you saved me a bunch of money!  Thanks again.  I'm glad I found you and will recommend you to everyone I know. 

Grace C.  Garland, TX 

Just wanted to thank you for your patience and for working with us on getting our heater and air conditioning.  We sincerely appreciate your expertise, hard work and honesty.  We love our new units and I will definitely tell my friends how courteous, friendly and prompt you were when we needed you.  Thank you again. 

James V.  Dallas, TX 

Thank you so much for the assistance you gave me and for replacing my outside heat pump.  Especially appreciate the extra trips you made to check things out and reassure me. 

Pat T.  Garland, TX

I am sorry that I have been delayed in getting this letter to you.  After the wonderful experience I had with ACME during the replacement of my heating and air conditioning system in June, I wanted to make certain you had an excellent letter of reference.  Shawn, you were great to work with on the phone, and were always on top of things.  You were always available for the thousands of questions both the bank and I asked.  Thanks for being such a trooper!  Ronnie, you and Dallas were the greatest.  I never believed a system could be installed so quickly.  You were very courteous around the house, and attentive to my needs since there were two dogs constantly at your feet wanting to get outside every minute of the day.  I think fate was with me when I chose ACME, and chose to do the system in June.  I unfortunately had to have back surgery, and am spending the months of August and September at home recuperating.  It is nice to have the AC working smoothly and the worry of replacement behind me. 

Tom G.  Dallas, TX 

Thank you for your good work! 

Lynn Z.  Dallas, TX 

Thank you so much for your prompt service!

Sheri P.  Richardson, TX

The AC works great now!  It hasn't cooled this well since I first moved into this house! 

Woody P.  Garland, TX

Thank you for all your help with our air conditioner.  What a blessing to have someone to call who we know is reliable and trustworthy.  We are so appreciative of the way you took care of us. 

Alisa W.  Garland, TX 

I have been very pleased with all the work you have done for us.  We were lucky to locate you and we shall continue to call upon you for future work. 

Barbara L.  Sachse, TX 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help recently in working with us on our air conditioning problem.  First of all, your response time was excellent on a Sunday. 

Doug W.  Plano, TX

It is becoming very rare to be able to find great service and yours is exceptional.  Thank you for being a quality company that I can refer to others. 

Martha S.  Dallas, TX 

Thanks for taking care of me! 

Theresa T.  Plano, TX

I would like to thank you for once again being there for us.  Due to my travel schedule, it's hard to find contactors that can provide immediate service.  Not only was it fast, but excellent.  Thanks again! 

Mike U.  Plano, TX