Spring Check Ups!

We’re in that weird time of the Spring season when we’re running the air conditioners during the day and furnaces at night.  Flyers will be going out next week (hopefully if the weather permits) for the reminders about the Spring air conditioning tune-ups.  Email reminders (if I had yours, if not feel free to contact me at waddleshawn@aol.com and get me yours) went out about a week and a half ago.  Everyone always puts this off, don’t worry you’re not alone!  It’s very important to have your air conditioner cleaned and inspected, maybe topped off with refrigerant before the season gets underway.  Dirty condenser coils and low refrigerant levels can cause damage to air conditioners.  The outdoor temps, ideally, need to be around 65-70 degrees to get proper refrigerant levels checked, that’s why we try to schedule check ups for afternoon this time of year.  Don’t be last to get your air conditioner serviced!!

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