Spring Air Conditioning Check Ups

Wooo, with the warmer weather comes the realization that Summer is just around the corner.  I went for my walk this morning and it was pretty dang hot.  Now, nevermind that another cold front is supposed to be coming in on Thursday…ugh.  Looks like bright sunshine for the weekend.  I got out yesterday and began sorting through my work van, getting my tool bag back in order and making sure things are where they should be.  I sent out flyers yesterday for our air conditioning customers and calls are starting to trickle in for people setting up times to get their air conditioners checked out.  It’s always a good idea to have your air conditioner checked out once a year.  New customers call us and ask what an air conditioning check up includes.

What Acme Air Conditioning does when you call us for a Spring A/C Tune Up is we go up in the attic (or closet) and check out the filter, the evaporator coil, duct work.  Basically a visual inspection in the attic to look for anything that may need attention.  We replace dirty filters and check for proper operation of the blower and make sure there are no holes in duct work or around the furnace and evaporator coil that will result in air loss or dirty air being sucked into the system.  Then we check outside at the air conditioner for proper refrigerant levels, check temperature inlet and outlet, check the condition of the condenser coils outside, amp the condenser fan motor and amp the compressor.  Visual inspection inside the electrical panel at the contactor, capacitor(s), and start kit.  Check for loose wires and condition of wires.  Anything that may be needed after our evaluation, we will come to you with the price of what is needed to get your air conditioner in tip top shape for the Summer.

Our regular customers, the air conditioning customers that call us year after year, we go out and perform all our duties.  Understand, that we are a small air conditioning company.  We are an honest air conditioning company, and we are an air conditioning company that has been in business in this area for almost 30 years.  Some of our customers have been with us for 20+ years.  We can drive to their house unaided and know where thermostats and attic access and air conditioners are located without bothering our customers.  Our air conditioning customers leave keys for us to let us into the house while they are gone.  We have built a trust with the large majority of our customers and they know that we will only repair on their air conditioner parts that must be repaired.  They trust us to give them honest answers when something really needs to be replaced.  That’s the way we’ve always done business here in the Dallas area.  We started out in Garland and moved to Sachse about 13 years ago.  It’s always been my husband and myself as the owners.  We started this air conditioning business almost 30 years ago and our customers have gone from seeing our son sitting outside on the curb reading a book to him growing into a man and coming out himself and fixing the air conditioner.  He will take this business when we finally get to old to do the work and he will pass it down to his son.  That’s Acme Air Conditioning.  That’s how we work, that’s what we do.

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