More than just Air Conditioning and Heating In Plano, Texas


water-leak-pipesWe do lots more than just air conditioning and heating here at Acme Air Conditioning. Here’s an example: We had a customer out in Plano complaining of a water leak in the wall of their shop. After getting in to the wall to investigate, we found that the plumber before us had left the pressure gauge on the water line and after 15 years this was the result: (see pic of the corroded copper line). This pressure gauge is installed on the copper lines after your work is done to test the system for leaks and then should be removed after you find the system to be leak-free. This plumber just decided to leave the gauge on and the corrosion over the years eventually caused the water leak.

We removed the damaged gauge and the corroded pipe and installed and soldered in new copper pipe to leave this system leak-free and much neater than the company before us.


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