Install a New Trane Furnace Today!

Missed last weeks blog.  Got sick and had to head out to the doctor and didn’t feel much like nothing for the rest of the week.  But I’m back!  Feeling better and ready to talk about Winter and new furnaces!  I’m still just real shocked at all the old pilot-style furnaces that are still out there.  Pilot furnaces are not safe in the least and are so inefficient, that’s why it’s surprising that so many are still out there.  They are not safe because there is such a good chance that the heat exchanger is cracked which can leak deadly carbon monoxide into your home.  Carbon Monoxide is a odorless gas that can kill you.  So there’s the dangerous problem of old furnaces and then there’s the inefficient problem of old furnaces.  The old furnaces don’t have the draft motors that the newer type furnaces have .  The draft motor “forces” out the deadly carbon monoxide gas.  The old furnaces just rely on the carbon monoxide to “rise” out of the flue pipe and out of your home.  Unfortunately as the carbon monoxide rises out so does a lot of the heat from the furnace.  The draft motor is able to capture all of the carbon monoxide and just a small amount of the heat to take out of your home.  The new furnaces are much safer too.  They have a sequence that they go through and if ONE THING is not right, the furnace will shut down and not work at all rather than run and risk something catching fire or carbon monoxide leaking out into your home.  So what do you have to lose?  A safer, more efficient furnace to keep you warmer AND save you money.  Give us a call to come out and replace your old inefficient furnace today!

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