Heating Repairs/Furnace not working

Hi Everybody!  It’s been awhile.  Spring is peeking around the corner, I know with this crazy Winter we’re having it doesn’t seem like it.  This is the time of year, here at Acme Air Conditioning, that we start settling down, gearing up and hitching up our britches and getting ready for the onslaught that is SUMMER IN TEXAS.

But right now, let’s address the obvious—the cold and the snow and the sleet!!  The name of our company is Acme Air Conditioning but we also repair heaters.  I suppose we should add that to the name, at least in the Winter.  Acme Air Conditioning and Heating.  Hmmm.  We’ve been pretty busy making all kinds of heating repairs in Garland, Murphy, Richardson, North Dallas, Sachse, Plano, Allen and all the other North-East Metroplex areas that we cover.  I thought that I would address an issues that we ran across over the last couple days.

Number one, first and foremost:  If you have a furnace that has a pilot GET A CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTOR!!  Better yet, call us and get us to come out and give you a quote to replace it.  The old style/pilot-type furnaces are very dangerous and unreliable, AND INEFFICIENT!  They are called “50% furnaces”.  Which, in a nut-shell, means that for every 50 cents you spend on gas to heat your home, 50 cents goes up the flue pipe.  Yuck, right?  The new furnaces are 80-95% efficient.  Much, much better.  We went out to a good customer of ours in Rowlett, Texas to see about why her furnace was not working.  It was 26 years old.  An old pilot-style furnace.  I had suggested a few years back that she put in carbon monoxide detector.  And although the detector was not going off, she did indeed have a crack in her heat exchanger.  We returned the next day and installed a new furnace for her.  What we ran across while doing the install was the fact that the evaporator coil was completely rusted out and the auxiliary drain pan had rusted through.  The thumping and bumping going on with the installation of the furnace shook things around enough that if we had left the pan as it was, this Spring as she runs the air conditioner and it begins to condensate water, it would leak into the pan and cause serious ceiling damage.  This customer is a single, older woman, that only works part time and she couldn’t afford to replace both the air conditioner and the evaporator and the furnace.  She had to take care of the immediate need of having no heat, as the temps were going to be very low.  We take this into consideration.  We gave her 12 months in-house to pay for the furnace and knew that she couldn’t afford replacement of the A/C equipment so we installed a new auxiliary drain pan for her that would catch the water condensated this Summer and carry it outside.  This will buy her 1-2 years to save and prepare for the replacement of the evaporator coil and the air conditioner.  She was very happy to have a temporary solution for her problem.

That’s it for now.  I’ll be writing more so keep reading!!




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