Heating and Fall Furnace Check Ups

With Summer nearing it’s end and Winter looming I hesitate on what to talk about this week.  I’m a little late on my blog this week, with the Labor Day Weekend and trying to get caught up it’s been a busy week and it’s Thursday already!  Winter is usually pretty slow for us so I know that any help I can give my Google organic searches is a plus.  So I guess that settles it, I’m talking about WINTER!!!  It surprises me when my regular air conditioning customers call me in the Fall and ask, “Do you also do heating?”.  I’ve always assumed that my customers, and other potential customers know that if you do air conditioning you also take care of heaters too, guess not.  Mid October is usually when we start with our regular Planned Service Customers, calling them and scheduling Fall furnace check ups for them.  Another question I get a lot of is, “Should I have my furnace checked for Fall?”.  The answer is YES.  We come out in the Fall and do a complete inspection in the attic, start and cycle the furnace several times, make sure it cycles correctly and visually note any problems that may arise.  Some people out there have the old style furnaces with pilots and those are not safe in the least.  If you have one of these you definitely need to have your furnace checked once a year and have carbon monoxide detectors placed throughout your home and check those each Fall to make sure they are working correctly.  Furnace inspections are good all the way around.  Give us a call to schedule your next furnace inspection today!

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