Emergency AC Repair in Murphy, Tx

Been busy building my ark this week.  I know it seems like I say this every Spring, but where in the world is the heat???  This rain and cool temps are killing us.  The humidity helped us this weekend with an emergency AC call in Murphy, Tx.  Getting to the top of the Google search is near impossible and this customer had called a few others before us that advertised no overtime charge for weekends.  Amazingly, she told us they did not answer their phones this weekend.  She called us and I answered and set up an emergency service call for her on Monday, since that was her only day off.  Acme Air Conditioning has never claimed to be the cheapest, least expensive AC company out there.  What we have claimed is to be there when you need us and to make sure we do QUALITY air conditioning work for you at a FAIR PRICE.  This slow, cool, Summer has made some air conditioning companies panic, I guess.  We go out to give a bid and find that we have been outbid by more than half!!  Again, we never claimed to be the cheapest but what you will find, is that we do 80% of our own installs.  Ask some of the other air conditioning companies, “do the owners install the equipment?”.  You will NOT EVER get a “yes” to that question.  Our level of quality far outshines most companies out there.  I told my husband, our motto should be:  If you’re looking for the cheapest, keep looking.  If you’re looking for the best air conditioning company out there, You’ve Found Us!!!  We work hard and we deliver on our promises.  We take care of our customers and make sure they are happy.  We don’t do that by being the cheapest, we do that by being the best.  The air conditioning field has become so watered down by some legal and some not-legal, fly-by-night companies, moonlighters, non-licensed guys, guys that aren’t even paying federal taxes, much less insurance or payroll taxes.  When we arrive at a service call we are already in the hole in profit.  We can’t show up for free.  It costs us labor, gas, insurance, taxes, and vehicle maintenance just to show up to your door.  We’ve been in business for almost 30 years, we know what it costs to BE in business and what it costs to STAY in business.  We aren’t the cheapest, but we are one of the BEST.

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