Buyer Beware of Air Conditioning Repairs

With the cold weather deciding to show up this mid-May, I decided to bump up my Blog post a couple days early since I have some free time.  As I sit down to try and decide what to write about I always contemplate the past week (which is why I usually write my blog on Fridays) and things I’ve seen and things my customers have told me.  I had a new customer this morning tell me that her son had paid a guy to replace his evaporator coil and he never showed up.  Kinda took the money and ran kind of thing.  This kind of thing really floors me.  Makes me wonder what the heck, how can this kind of thing happen?  I know how it is to find local air conditioning companies for air conditioning repairs these days.  There are thousands of companies and new ones popping up, seems like once a week.  I know it’s the same for me when I go in search of a company to do anything for me.  Of course, most of you know, your best bet is a referral from a friend or family member.  These are also our best customers, when they are a referral from another of our good customers.  The Better Business Bureau is another good place to start.

Then there are those companies out there that, as a customer this week told me, “start selling at the front door”.  I know of a couple, new customers tell me horror stories all the time about these “technicians” showing up WITHOUT a toolbox in their hand, in WHITE shirts.  As I’ve said in earlier blogs, that’s about what this industry is coming to.  Nobody wants to fix ‘em anymore.  It’s all about SELL, SELL, SELL.  Well of course, that’s where the money is at.  I’d like to sell a piece or two of air conditioning equipment on every call, but that’s not the way Acme Air Conditioning works and why we’ve been around since 1984.  We’ve got lots and lots of customers that have been with us 20+ years.  We know all about their families and they know all about ours.  They’re customers AND friends.  I enjoy visiting with them.  That’s a definite plus to my job.  My air conditioning customers know when I sell them a piece of equipment that they TRULY NEED IT.  I can lay my head on my pillow every night and sleep like a baby, because I know I do the right thing every day.  I take good care of my air conditioning customers and they trust me to do it.  It makes me wonder about these “selling” companies.  The ones that advertise on television 100 times a day.  They’re offering two free pounds of freon, Rangers tickets, autographed jerseys, oh my gosh, the list goes on and on.  You know how they’re paying for that, their customers are paying for it by buying air conditioning equipment from them when a repair would have been sufficient.  I can see selling air conditioning equipment when the repair is expensive and the equipment is old, but this is not always the case with some of the other air conditioning companies out there.  Oh well, they must be doing something right, I’ll get off my soap box now.

Got a little heat coming by the end of the week and early next week, our lives revolve around that.  We’ve been stocking our trucks, buying parts and refrigerant and some equipment.  It’s always a big rush when the weather hits and things get crazy.  So we always have to be well rested, healthy and be ready when it gets here.  Guess I better get back to getting, go check my truck stock one more time and make sure I’m caught up on all my invoicing and bill paying.  Thanks for reading!


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