Bait and Switch Air Conditioning Advertising

With Spring coming on I’ve been pulling out all the notes I’ve made over the past year to be ready for Spring 2015.  One note came to mind and I thought I’d use today to tell a little more about what happened to a customer of ours last year.  I’ll call her “Susan”.  Susan called me on 8/28/14.  Earlier that month she was in Home Depot and saw the air conditioning equipment set up with the guy standing there trying to give out air conditioning information to Home Depot customers.  He offered to her a $40 air conditioning check which included a condenser coil cleaning.  Susan knew she hadn’t had us out in a few years and it was past due and thought it would be worth it for $40 to have this done.  As a little background, Susan began using Acme Air Conditioning in 2007.  We had visited her home on a few occasions keeping her air conditioning system alive as long as possible, until in 2009 when the indoor air handler failed and could not be repaired.  We replaced the indoor air handler with a new Trane Air Handler and Susan was very happy with Acme Air Conditioning and with the installation.  Just a few months later, the outdoor condensing unit had a compressor failure and we installed a new Trane Air Conditioner for her.  Well, as most of our customers do, time passed, life got in the way, and as I found out from her just this past August, she had fallen ill, had several surgeries and wound up having to file bankruptcy.  So money was tight for Susan.  When she saw the check up the salesman in Home Depot was offering, she thought it was a good deal on her tight budget.  As we all know, the old saying:  “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” should be ringing a loud warning bell at this point.  At Acme Air Conditioning we call that a “foot in the door” scam.  We all know, a company, whether it be an air conditioning company or any other, cannot make a living or keep the bills paid on a $40 service.  So the air conditioning “technician” makes out a long list of problems that need to be addressed in the amount of $1,400.00.  Susan calls me this day in a panic.  She explains her situation of the surgeries and bankruptcy and just doesn’t know how she is going to pay for these air conditioning repairs.  She said the air conditioning system was still working but that she was worried about the issues he had pointed out.  She called ME because she knew that Acme Air Conditioning had always been honest with her and she trusted us.  I told her that since Summer was all but over that I would make a note to come out to her house in the Spring of 2015 and go over the list this “technician” had left for her, check her air conditioning system out top-to-bottom  and give her the REAL answer as to what she may or may not need.

So that’s the note, I’m going to call her next week as soon as this weather decides to warm up and stay warm.  I’ll keep you posted on what I find.

But my main point to this blog is letting people know, use your common sense.  Don’t get so wrapped up in a “Good Deal” that you lose your common sense and trust any Tom, Dick or Harry with the information that they’re giving you.  Whether it be with air conditioning or any other home or automobile repair, there’s no way a company can make a living off of a $40 service call and air conditioning condenser coil cleaning.  They want to come to your house and rattle off a list of issues that they can make some money off of, whether the problems are real or not.  BUYER BEWARE.  Acme Air Conditioning has been in the air conditioning business for almost 30 years.  Our customers know us, they know our kids and now they know our grand kids, and we know theirs!  We have built Acme Air Conditioning on trust and honesty.  You can read our reviews on Google and notice that the same phrases come up:  we do only the air conditioning repairs that are necessary.

With Spring approaching, it’s not to early to have an air conditioning Spring check up, air conditioning Spring Tune Up.  It’s always best to have your air conditioning system cleaned and checked for proper refrigerant levels before you run it for the first time to prevent costly air conditioning repairs and to make sure your air conditioner is in top notch working order before it gets in the triple digits.  Give us a call here at Acme Air Conditioning, we do air conditioning repair in Garland, Tx; air conditioning repair in Plano, Tx; air conditioning repair in Allen, Tx; air conditioning repair in Richardson, Tx; air conditioning repair in Murphy, Tx; air conditioning repair in Sachse, Tx, air conditioning repair in North Dallas, Tx; air conditioning repair in Wylie, Tx; air conditioning repair in Rowlett, Tx.  We cover most of the North East Dallas Metroplex and would love to become your new air conditioning company.  If you’re looking for an honest air conditioning company—-Look no further!!!

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