Air Conditioning replacement

This has been a crazy couple weeks, the heat has decided to crank it up a notch or two and boy have we been busy!  If your air conditioner was the least bit weakened this heat was sure to knock it on out.  We’ve had AC repairs in Richardson, air conditioning repairs in Richardson, Tx.  AC repairs in Plano, TX.  Air conditioning repairs in Plano.  My air conditioner is not blowing cold in Plano, Tx.  My air conditioner is blowing hot air in Plano, Tx.  Those were some common things I was hearing on the phone this past couple weeks.  AC repair in Murphy, Tx  or air conditioning repairs in Murphy, Tx.  Even, my AC blows hot air in Murphy, Tx or there is no air out of my AC vents in Murphy, Tx.  Seems that people are almost in panic mode and I can see why.  The temperature on the side of our shop the other day was 121!!!  And can you believe I’m still getting calls for air conditioning tune ups!  I know once school starts it’ll all be over and air conditioning repairs will be slowing down, that’s the way it always works!  Till then, see you!  And call us if you need your AC fixed!  We can sure take care of you with fast, friendly AC service!!!

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