Air Conditioning Repairs

Busy, busy, busy week for Acme Air Conditioning.  One of the calls this week for a long-time customer of ours in Plano, Tx.  He has us come out every year to check his home and then we also take care of his four rental properties.  We target air conditioning repairs in the Plano area because it is so close for us.  We also try and target air conditioning repairs in Richardson, Tx and air conditioning repairs in Garland, Tx.  This week we were also making lots of air conditioning repairs in Rowlett, Tx.  Also air conditioning repairs in Murphy, Tx kept us jumping.

I wanted to talk a little this week about some issues I ran across with air conditioning units this past week.  For some reason people like to “hide” or “cover up” their air conditioning units.  Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to have your air conditioner shaded somewhat, that helps a lot actually.  But when bushes or trees or even weeds grow too close to the air conditioning units it can be a bad thing.  Just remember a good rule of thumb is that the air conditioner needs 12″ all the way around it to breathe.  I’ve seen some air conditioners installed by other companies that are so close to the house it’s almost impossible to clean, much less for the air conditioner to breathe.  There’s also cases where people plant “vine” type plants around the air conditioner and they grow and grow and grow and get inside the unit, what a mess.  Not a good idea folks.  You want your air conditioner shaded, but with plenty of room to breathe and do it’s job.  Also, weeds or tall grass growing around an air conditioner isn’t good.  Just use common sense and keep the area around your air conditioner neat and clean.

I went to work today at a rental property in Garland.  The outdoor air conditioner was a used unit when it was installed.  The indoor furnace and evaporator were absolutely the oldest I have EVER seen.  The pressures were reading like it was low on refrigerant but the head pressure was actually high.  And the suction pressure kept fluctuating.  When I called the landlord he acted like he had no idea that the indoor section was that old.  Any furnace that has a pilot light is a hazard and the homeowner should have a carbon monoxide detector in the home.  The problem with this system was a restriction in the evaporator coil.  This furnace and evaporator coil were in a closet in the home and the furnace was so old and tall it had to be replaced too to accomodate the new larger, higher efficient evaporator coil.  It was just a big mess all the way around.

When an air conditioning system reaches a certain age it’s always best to step back and take into account the age, the problems it has had in the past and really think hard about whether spending more money on the unit is feasible.  I give my air conditioning customers my best and most honest advice when it comes to helping them make a decision about what to do about their air conditioning system.  An older lady today told me, (she was the grandmother of a new customer), after I told her our air conditioning company consisted of me, my husband and our son and that was it, “oh I like working with family-owned businesses, you get special attention”.  And that is exactly what we try and do here at Acme Air Conditioning.  We treat each home like it was our own and treat each customer like family.  It’s good to be recognized for what you are trying to accomplish.  Thanks for reading see you next week!


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