Air Conditioning Repairs in Garland, Tx

Seems we spent the whole week in Garland this week.  That’s good for us because it’s close.  But we travel all over, as far North as air conditioning repairs in Frisco and as far south as air conditioning repairs in University Park.  Garland is so large that sometimes the drive to the far South area can be almost as far as Frisco.  With the humidity this week it was a busy week for drain line issues, which usually seems to be the case at the beginning of the heat and on really humid days.  Your air conditioner acts as a dehumidifier.  Part of the way your air conditioner “conditions” the air and makes it feel cooler is by removing the humidity.  Where does all this humidity go?  It is reduced to water in the evaporator coil and drain out of the evaporator coil and into the PVC drain line.  If things are working normally in your home, as far as drain lines go, and your home is set up for your air conditioner to drain into the plumbing of the house, like most houses in this area, then the “humidity” drains into, as I said, the main plumbing of the house and you never see it.  That is, until this line ever decides to clog.  Customers ask me all the time, “What causes the drain line to clog?”.  Well, its usually mildew and slime that grows in the lines.  Sometimes, though, it is rust from an old evaporator coil, and sometimes it’s hair that is clogging the p-trap of the sink that the evaporator coil is draining into.  The problem is that the air conditioning system is clogged and needs to be fixed.  We ran across a drain line issue in Frisco just today that I will later on today or tomorrow post pictures on our facebook page at  It was a house that is owned by a good customer of ours.  He just acquired the house and is renting it out.  We were called out because the blower motor was not operating but when we arrived we found the drain pans for both the upstairs and the downstairs system in a horrible state.  The drain lines were clogged and ran together into one line and then drained into the plumbing of the house.  This drain clogged and caused the back up emergency drain pans to catch all of the water for at least a couple of years.  I’m still trying to find out how this entire bad plan ever passed inspection.  It gets worse, the previous owners were tired of seeing the rusty water drip outside and onto a window sill so they ran a PVC drain line from the small PVC line that protruded the eave of the house and connected a long PVC line all the way down the side of the house and onto the ground.  Unbelievable.  Instead of having the system looked at and drain lines blown out, they made the repair from the back end and did this.  The drain lines were clogged, the drain pans were dangerously near completely rusting through and causing MAJOR ceiling damage.  Needless to say we will be returning tomorrow to blow out those lines and remove this hideous PVC line outside and replacing both drain pans.  I always say, anything worth fixing is worth fixing RIGHT.

We also spent some time in Rowlett this week.  Air conditioning repairs in Rowlett are a big thing, Rowlett is growing fast and with Waterview the way it is expanding and growing our customer count out that way is also growing.  While I was there I took some video of the blooming cottonwood.  Ahhh, the cottonwood. An air conditioner’s worst enemy and the friend of the air conditioning repairman.  The cottonwood blooms have made us a lot of money.  You know cottonwood, the white stuff that floats around in May, June or July and looks like snow in the middle of Summer.  Luke Bryan even has a song that says, “cottonwood blowing like snow in July”.  People, if you see this stuff—clean your air conditioners!!  This customer knew of it and said she goes out every couple days and hoses it off her unit.  It will kill a weak air conditioner in no time and badly damage even a strong air conditioner.  It blows around and sticks to the outside air conditioner condenser coils and causes them to run extremely hot and extremely high pressures which is so, so bad for air conditioners.  If you see it blowing at your house make sure you’ve got a hose ready!

Alright, gonna cut this one off.  Thanks for reading, see you next week!

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