Air Conditioning Repair in Plano, Tx

Missed my blog day yesterday.  We have been running since June 1st.  May was super slow and June has more than made up for it.

Decided this week to talk a little about a service call I ran on Monday for a church that we take care of in Plano, Tx. This is a medium sized church, they have 5 air conditioners.  Got a call on Monday morning from our usual contact at the church, said he had 2 units down.  We had replaced 2 complete systems for this church 2 years ago and one of these new air conditioners and one of the old air conditioners was not cooling.  I went to the new air conditioner first and found that the fire ants had attacked this unit and gotten into the contactor which would not allow the air conditioner to start.  I looked around the unit and the new air conditioner that sits right beside it and saw the ants just crawling all over everything.  The rain we’ve had has really got the fire ants stirred up.  I got some liquid spray and some granules from the customer and sprayed in and around the electrical panel and spread the granules around both of these units.  Then I headed over to the older air conditioner to see what was going on with it.  I opened the electrical panel of the air conditioner and found this:

The compressor of this AC had shorted out and literally caused a small fire inside the electrical panel.  We returned the next day and replaced this entire 22 year old Trane air conditioning system.

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