Air Conditioning Repair in Murphy, Texas

With this cooler weather here in the Garland, Richardson and Plano location of the metroplex it’s been a slow week.  I’m looking back at service calls (what few there were) and trying to come up with something interesting to write about today.  I’m a day early on my post but it’s Memorial Day Weekend and I may get to do something fun.  We’re never too far from the business.  We call it our “baby” because somebody always has to watch the baby.  Always on alert.

Air conditioning repairs in Murphy, Tx this week brought me an interesting call.  The house was only 3 years old and the customer told me the air conditioner was freezing up.  As I’ve stated before, and probably several times, there are 5 things that will cause a system to freeze up.  I went straight up into the attic to look at the furnace and evaporator coil and to check the air filter.  It was a 4″ filter, installed backward (remember to always point the airflow arrow TOWARDS the evaporator coil) but no matter, it wasn’t that dirty.  The blower motor was operating okay and I didn’t see any visible oil in the evaporator coil outlet or in the drain pan.  The customer told me that the company that installed the air conditioning system had to come out about a year after the install because they had the smaller, upstairs unit connected by the freon lines to the larger furnace and evaporator coil that was supposed to be for down stairs and the larger air conditioner for downstairs was connected to the smaller upstairs evaporator coil and furnace for the upstairs.  This is the SECOND time I’ve seen that in the past two weeks and I’m just dumbfounded.  People always think there’s not a difference, as long as they get the same air conditioning equipment, and go with the low-bidder.  This is a fine example of low-bidder and some of the problems that can occur.  Anyway, I digress.  Back to the current issue.  As I said, the system and the house was only 3 years old.  I went back downstairs to talk to the customer and  she said the only way she could get the outdoor unit to shut off was to shut off the breaker and I’m thinking BINGO!  Wish she’d told me that sooner and I wouldn’t have spent so much time in the attic.  OH!  But the best thing was when I took the call the customer knew that there may have been some kind of air conditioning system warranty but the company that had installed the equipment “couldn’t make it out there until the next day”.  Really?  Anyway, so I head out to go check out what I now know to be the problem with the air conditioner, and sure enough the contactor is stuck in the “closed” position.  As I told the customer, I could replace the contactor but there was a much, much bigger issue as to WHY the contactor, at only 3 years old was already burned enough to weld itself shut.  And that bigger issue was the compressor.  The equipment was Goodman, and the joke my husband always tells is, it should be called “Badman”.  Nothing “Good” about it.  So anyway, she thanked me for the quick service and told me Acme Air Conditioning certainly lived up to it’s website by providing same day air conditioning service, paid me for my service call, and said that since it was a bigger issue they were going to get the company that installed it involved.  Now who knows what they’ll say.  Probably change out the contactor and tell her the compressor is fine.  Oh well, I do what I can.

Air conditioning repairs in Garland, Texas have dropped off for us this year and I’m not sure why.  We are a small air conditioning company, family owned and operated right here in Sachse, Texas and Garland, Tx is our next door neighbor so we really want to target Garland for air conditioning repair.  We also like to target air conditioning repair in Richardson, Tx and air conditioning repair in Plano, Tx.  Air conditioning in Plano, Texas is still very close for us and Richardson, Garland, and Plano have always been our staple cities for the close and some very good customers.

Well, guess I’ll close for now, until next week!  Thanks for reading!!

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