Air Conditioning Installations

This week has been a frenzy with air conditioning inspections and more replacements in a week than I’ve seen in a long time!  I’m not complaining, trust me.  It’s been a good a good few weeks and a very good April.

Air conditioners that are considered “dry”, which simply means they are the old refrigerant R-22 units have been going in and out of our shop doors like hot cakes were the big sellers this month.  R-22 is no longer being manufactured as of 2010 because of the damage to our ozone from the chlorine in the refrigerant.  This has been an on-going issue in the industry and within our company of what to do in this situation.  The government tells us that R-22 will be available until 2020.  But they are taking the old refrigerant that we recover and cleaning it up and reselling it, and with all the R-22 systems out there and money not growing on trees I don’t know how this is going to pan out.  I just know that we have customers out there that can’t afford to replace the air conditioner and the evaporator coil to switch over to the new R410A refrigerant and if the outdoor unit fails them, they are doing good just to be able to scrap up the money to pay for an outside unit.  Back to the “dry” air conditioners that are a big seller for us this month.  They are called “dry” because they come charged with Nitrogen, a.k.a. they are not filled with R-22 refrigerant like they used to be.  We stock some up every year and from the looks of April this year will be no different.  We cater to our customers, we do what THEY want done.  We give guidance and suggestions, but ultimately the final decision is up to the customer as what they want.  I’m not completely convinced that R410A is a better refrigerant than R-22.  I think the government pushed off and pushed off the date to get rid of R-22 until finally it had to be done and R410A was all we had at the time and so it’s being used.  I have R410A refrigerant systems at my own home, don’t get me wrong, I’m using what’s out there just like everybody else.  We have Trane XL20i systems at our home and don’t have many complaints, they do their job.  It’s just that we work on these air conditioners day in and day out and we know what’s out there.

As I’ve said before, the industry, the companies, the technicians are changing and I’m not so sure I like the way it’s going.  That’s just me, ranting.  I’m going to do as I’ve always done.  Run my business the way I’ve always ran it, old school.  Some customers like me, some don’t.  All you can do is be you and run your business the way you want.  I think I’ll keep on the way I know how.  It’s Friday and Summer is upon us, I’m a happy camper.  Thanks for reading!


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