The Air Conditioning Industry…WHERE is it going?

Things are changing in the air conditioning field.  Things are different.  Companies are different, technicians are different, advertising is impossible.  Let’s start with technicians.  Where are they?  Who are they?  Are they a thing of the past?  Here at Acme, we do things the old-fashioned way, that’s the only way we know how.  We fix the air conditioner first and replace the air conditioner second.  That’s a thing of the past with most companies.  More and more I’m seeing “technicians” who aren’t technicians.  Companies are hiring salespeople.  Technicians don’t wear white shirts, as far as I’m concerned we’re called blue-collar for a reason.  We wear blue shirts (or dark colored shirts) because we get dirty.  We don’t sit behind desks and talk on the phone, we’re knuckles deep in air conditioning grime, dirt, grass, attic insulation, you name it.  Not anymore, look around.  The guys you see sitting in the air conditioning trucks are wearing white shirts, don’t have any parts on their trucks, and I’ve had other customers tell me they don’t even come to the front door with a tool box in their hand!  I’m not too proud to say I’m an air conditioning technician.  The air conditioning field has made me a good living on the past 25-30 years.  But try and find a technician to hire, I dare you.  We decided to try and look for some help this Summer and it’s just not as easy task.  We’re picky now, mind you.  We don’t go for tattoos and piercings and pony tails, shorts or flip flops.  Here at Acme Air Conditioning we’re old-school.  Clean cut, mannerly, and well groomed is more our speed and that’s a tough one to come by.  It’s easier just to do the work ourselves, as long as we’re able.

The problem with the air conditioning field is that it’s just so doggone seasonal.  We kill ourselves in the Summer months and twiddle our thumbs during the cooler months.  Us, and all the other air conditioning companies.  It makes it hard for a good employee to stay out there and work with a company, so he goes and starts his own company, throws out his own shingle.  That’s another problem, the field is saturated with companies, both legit and not.  The state doesn’t have enough regulations, guys watching out for the companies that aren’t licensed, aren’t insured.  There are a lot of people in the DFW population and a LOT of air conditioning companies, so all the companies just get a little.  This leads to the fly-by-nighters and the companies with the “scammy” promises made to the potential customers.

This leads to the issue of advertising.  Oh, the headaches we have endured to try and figure out what to do for advertising.  Air Conditioning Repair in Allen, Tx is growing because of Allen’s expanding population.  AC repair in Allen, Tx is an area that we try and target because of it’s close proximity to our offices.  And with the ins and outs of the population and the new houses being built and the city growing as it is, it’s a good area for our company.  Air conditioning repair in Plano, Tx is another good one.  We’ve worked on air conditioners in Plano, Tx for many, many years and have so many customers there.  As a small business, you don’t want to focus on areas that are further away, and areas that you don’t currently service.  I  can’t tell you now many times I’ve been in one side of the Metroplex, say doing an air conditioning repair in Richardson, Tx only to be called to make an ac repair in Frisco, Tx and then back to do an AC repair in Murphy, Tx.  Gas is expensive and our vans don’t get very good gas mileage so we try to stay in the North-East corner of the Dallas metroplex for all of the air conditioning repair problems we encounter.

Things are changing in the industry, but here at Acme we still do things the old-fashioned way, and we plan on keeping it that way.

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