Air Conditioning Freeze Ups

This was the week for frozen up air conditioning systems.  In with June and in with the heat this week.  It was a crazy-busy week and I was dealing with it all with a cracked rib.  I always tell my family members:  Don’t get married, have a baby or die in the Summer.  Well, then I go and crack a rib about the same time the heat arrives.  We’re not allowed sick time when the heat gets here so I trudged along through almost the entire week and then took off Thursday to go to the doctor (which explains why my blog is a few days late).  And as I knew, there’s not a whole lot that can be done.  Gave me some steroids and pain medication and said “good luck”.   Enough of my whining.  Back to the air conditioning freeze ups.

As I’ve said over and over again (or so it seems), there are 5 different things that cause an air conditioner to freeze up.  Low refrigerant levels, stuck contactor, blower motor not operational, dirty evaporator coil, or dirty air conditioning filter.  Well, now seems that with the trouble that’s been occurring with TXV metering devices getting stuck that’s another one that can cause a freeze up.  So I guess we could make that six things.  My first call of the week, Monday morning last week was a freeze up.  Usually when customers call I tell them to shut the unit off, but this customer was 93 and he was a personal favorite air conditioning customer of mine in Richardson, Tx.  When I arrived I found the system frozen up, it was 78 degrees in the house, but that’s where he usually keeps it, he gets cold otherwise.  Unfortunately I had to have him turn the system off for 3 hours and I returned and his air conditioning problem turned out to be low refrigerant levels.  Luckily his house was well insulated and it didn’t warm up much before I could get back and get him running again.  And you know, I mentioned he was a favorite air conditioning customer of mine.  93 years young, super sharp mind, and such a sweetheart.  He told me, “I don’t know how I got so lucky as to find y’all as my air conditioning company.”  And I told him, “well, we appreciate you too, some of the people we go to aren’t very nice, and you’ve always been so nice.”  And he said, “Those people shouldn’t be allowed to call!”.  It was pretty funny.  My good customers like him make the meanies disappear.  As I’ve said, we’ve been in business a long time and the majority of our customers have been with us over fifteen years.  They know us, they know our family, our kids and we know theirs.  When we go to their homes for repairs, we know their houses as we know our own.  The service call is also a visit with a friend.  This is my favorite part of my job.

I’m going to post on Facebook as soon as I finish this post some pics of another air conditioning call I took in Rowlett, Tx which was a customer of ours we had installed a new air conditioner and evaporator coil for them in 2007 and hadn’t been back since.  I spoke with the wife and she had made some half hearted attempts at hosing the air conditioner off every now and then but it had been neglected and they hadn’t had us come and take a look at it all over the 7 years since we had installed it.  The outdoor condenser coil was plugged up solid with dirt and grass and debris and this had caused the dual run capacitor to implode.  I took some pics of the dirty condenser coil before and after I cleaned it for her and a picture of the imploded capacitor knowing I would use it for my Facebook post today.  Again, I have to stress the importance of having your air conditioner checked out and cleaned every year.  Theirs had failed them on Sunday afternoon and rather than pay overtime fees they went all night Sunday night with no air conditioning and boy were they happy to see me on Monday.

Get your air conditioning units checked out y’all!  Thanks for reading!  See you next week!


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