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A couple of weeks ago I blogged about what was happening in the air conditioning field, how companies are not hiring air conditioning technicians anymore, it’s all about air conditioning sales these days.  I see new air conditioning companies pop up every year, some last, some don’t…. MOST don’t.  There are very few of us air conditioning companies out there that have stuck around.  And goodness knows, there’s a bunch of us, new and old.  I snapped a photo this past week from my van window, and I could snap ten a day of what else is out there.

4-20-2014 Shawn's Iphone 730

And this is it.  Unmarked trucks, no license number, no company name.  But he’s got a box from air conditioner, PVC, duct work.  An obvious “handy man” type out there working and replacing equipment.  These are the ones you have to be careful with.  It’s frustrating to me to follow the rules and do the things in the air conditioning field that are required of you and then have these guys out there working, not following any rules or regulations.  These are your “brother-in-law, next door neighbor, friend-of-a-friend” type guys.  Buyer beware.

Our week has once again been busy with air conditioning repairs, air conditioning maintenance and air conditioning Spring check ups all over the North Dallas Metroplex.  Boy, this week has gone by fast.  April was good to us and I can’t believe it’s almost over already.  We put an expiration on our coupons for air conditioning check ups of April 30 because it never fails, the hot weather hits us and we get calls in May, June and even JULY from customers wanting an air conditioning check up.  The problem is that if your air conditioning unit is working, you just want it “checked out”, but I’ve got another customer in Plano, Tx that has a house that’s 100 degrees, you’re going to have to be put on the back burner.  So I try to get all my customers on the ball early and get all my air conditioning check ups done by the end of April.  Once May hits us……oh my goodness.   It’s blood, sweat and tears.  So you’ve still got a few days, if you’ve been putting off having your air conditioner checked up give us a call and we’ll get you fixed right up.  Have a good weekend and thanks for reading!




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