Air Conditioner Repairs

This was a short week and a slow week for us here at Acme.  We had a few air conditioner repair calls in Plano, Tx and Murphy, Tx and Allen, Tx.  But all-in-all it was slow.  I guess we’re all (all the air conditioning companies) waiting on the REAL summer heat to get here.  Still doing some air conditioning maintenance/air conditioning tune ups for my stragglers and some new customers too.  And I can’t say I blame my air conditioning customers, this heat is really slow this year, and air conditioning is far from everyone’s minds right now.  What, with graduations, all this rain, summer vacation planning and the cool nights, why would you think about air conditioning?

It’s also the season for the, what I call “crazy numbers” to start popping up.  That’s about what my entire day consisted of yesterday.  I call it “crazy numbers” because I have new air conditioning customers calling me asking for quotes for everything from air conditioner repairs to air conditioner replacements and they give me quotes from other air conditioning companies that are “crazy numbers”.  I don’t have anyway of knowing if the customer is being truthful, as these numbers are so ridiculously low, or if the air conditioning companies out there have hit their desperate situation to work so cheap.  As I’ve said 1,000 times, this industry is over-saturated with companies and not to mention the so-called “companies” that are moonlighters, or friends of friends.  So I try not and flinch as they tell me the numbers they are getting.  It’s more like I feel like saying, “you’ve got a number this cheap and you’re trying to beat THAT?!”.   Oh, and I guess they will.  But what are you giving up?  My favorite slogan these days is:  FAST, CHEAP, GOOD; pick any two.  If it’s fast and cheap it won’t be good.  If it’s fast and good and won’t be cheap.  If it’s good and cheap it won’t be fast.   I made the design of this and put it inside my invoice booklet to remind my air conditioning customers, if they ask.  It’s definitely a Buyer Beware market.  Especially with the competition.  I try not and get caught up in it, we see it every year.  We operate the same way we always have, being a small air conditioning company, that is also family owned and operated helps tremendously.  I can’t imagine having 50 guys on staff right now.  Things would be way different if I did and my customers would suffer.  We, here at Acme, just treat our customers right, give them fair pricing and the best service.  It’s brought us this far.  Thanks for reading.

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