Air Conditioner Repair

Air conditioner is not cooling in Murphy, Tx.  I hear that one several times a day.  My AC is not working in Murphy, Tx.  That’s another one.  This heat will surely kill the weak air conditioners.  They are not getting a break, even at night the heat index is 100.  My ac is blowing hot air.  AC is not keeping up.  Air conditioner is not keeping up.  I need AC service in Garland, Tx.  It’s hard to determine what potential customers are typing into Google when looking for a honest air conditioning company.  Look no further, you found us!  Acme Air Conditioning has been around for almost 30 years.  We are a family owned and operated AC company right here in the Garland, Sachse, Richardson, Murphy, Rowlett, Plano, North Dallas area.  When your air conditioner stops cooling and you need service FAST, give us a call and we will take care of you.  We have after hours emergency AC service available.  We have after hour emergency air conditioning service available.  Because most of you are out working all day and nothing is worse than coming home to a hot house.  My house is hot.  My air condition is not working.  All of these are things I think potential customers may be typing.  My AC is not running.  My AC is not blowing.  My AC won’t come on outside.  My air conditioner is not running.  My air conditioner is not blowing.  My air conditioner won’t come on outside.  My AC is humming outside.  My air conditioner is humming outside.  My AC is not blowing inside.  My air conditioner is not blowing inside.  Give us a call, we’ll come out and get you cooling quick!

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