Air Conditioner repair in Plano, Tx

Sorry, missed yesterday’s blog post, having to make up today.  I wanted to talk this week about some AC work we did at a church in Plano, Tx.  We’ve been taking care of this church for 12 years.  They have 5 air conditioners and they are very good about having us come out each late Spring and clean the a/c’s and check the a/c’s before the AC season heats up.  They had all Trane air conditioning systems from 1992 when the church was built.  Trane is the brand of air conditioner that we sell and it’s a good one.  So with regular cleaning and maintenance on these air conditioners they have been really good.  Two years ago we replaced two of the auditorium air conditioners because of freon leaks and this year, a few weeks ago Fred called me and said that one of the new air conditioners in the auditorium was not coming on and one of the older units that cools the foyer was not working.  He called this in on a Monday morning and said that the church service the day before was pretty miserable.  So anyway, I go out and head straight to the new unit to see what in the world could be wrong with it.  I found fire ants all around both new air conditioners outside, as they sit side by side.  It’s not uncommon, with all this rain we’ve had to bring out the fire ants and for some reason, maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s the hum of the electricity from the air conditioners, but whatever it is, fire ants will be the death of contactors.  Walking up to the air conditioner in Plano at this church I could hear the contactor was really loud and when I saw the ants crawling around outside the AC I already knew the answer before even taking the panel off the air conditioner.  #fireantsinairconditioner #airconditionernotcooling #acwontcomeon #acdoesntwork.  I took the panel off the AC and ants were all over the place.  I asked Fred if he had any spray and some fire an granules and he had both and gave them to me.  First thing I did was change out the contactor on the air conditioner and then I sprayed inside the electrical panel and around the openings to deter any more ants and I sprayed all around the freon lines and down from the panel.  Then I sprinkled granules around both air conditioners.  With this new contactor the ac started right up and was good.  I went ahead and cleaned all the ac units and did my regular checks while I was here on this visit too.  Next I went to see what was going on with the older foyer unit.   Found the breaker was tripped on this AC.  I took the electrical panel loose and it was very evident that the compressor was shorted out, pretty severely, as it looked like it had basically caught fire inside the electrical panel.  I presented Fred with his options of replacing just the outdoor condenser with a new Trane R-22 A/C.  Or replacing the AC and evaporator coil with a new Trane R-410A system.  Or just replacing the entire system, as the furnace was as old as the rest of the system.  He opted to replace the whole system, so we returned the next day and did just that.  AC repairs in Plano and air conditioning repair in Plano and AC blows hot in Plano and AC not coming on in Plano or even emergency AC repair in Plano or emergency AC repair in Richardson are all good Google words used to look for our company, Acme Air Conditioning.  Give us a call for quick, friendly, and honest air conditioning repair!

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