Air Conditioner Repair in Murphy, Tx

We’ve been called out to Murphy, Tx several times this past week.  A/C repair in Murphy, my AC blows hot air in Murphy, Tx.  Water dripping outside in Murphy, Tx.  My AC is not working in Murphy, TX.  All these things are used to search for an air conditioning company that services the Murphy, Tx area.  We are VERY close to Murphy, Tx, being here in Sachse and close means FAST air conditioning service.  I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July.  All of us here at Acme most certainly did.  Our son, Dallas Waddle, most of you that know Acme, know Dallas.  He had the weekend off and went with his family and friends to visit Lake Eufala.  He spent his weekend out on the lake and watching fireworks shows and popping a few himself.  Ronnie and I just stayed around here.  We were on call and had to stay close for our customers.  We ran a few air conditioning service calls.  Not many emergency AC calls this weekend but a few.  To me, the town seemed quiet like everyone was gone for the holiday weekend.  We can stand on our porch in the back and see the Firewheel fireworks show every year, or stand on our front porch and see the Richardson fireworks show every year.  So that’s what we did.  We don’t have to travel or get in the crowds to enjoy the show, and as always, it was a good one.  Most of you already know we offer fast, friendly air conditioning repair service.  We know the market is saturated with air conditioning service companies and some are legal, some are not.  The way we set ourselves apart is the fact that we have been in the air conditioning business for almost 30 years, we’ve been here and we’re going to BE here.  We take good care of our customers.  We don’t try and compete with the moonlighters, the fly-by-nighters, the handymen posing as AC technicians.  We do OUR thing, we give honest, expert AC advice and fix it for you right, the first time.  So if you need AC repair in Murphy or AC repair in Sachse, or AC repair in Richardson, or AC repair in Plano, or AC repair in Allen.  We are here and we are ready to take care of you.  Give us a call to schedule your air conditioning service call today!

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