Is Your AC Summer Ready?

Is Your AC Summer Ready? (An Infographic)

Scorching temperatures are approaching. Are you ready for it? Check again. Summer brings puts a lot of demand on your Air conditioners. A few things you can do to make sure your AC system is tuned and ready to do its job is to keep it clean.

Clean or Change the Filter. With dirty and dusty filters, your A/C system will have to work harder to deliver comfortable air to the home. Have a look at the condensation system. Keeping the outdoor unit clean from debris will reduce  resistance and boost your A/C system’s efficiency Cleaning Indoor and outdoor Ductwork and Debris  A simple task is inspecting and wiping clean  the visible parts of the ducts. You can easily wash them with a garden hose. If things look really gummed up you could use a chemical cleaner. Check and Maintain Fan Belts on the Outdoor Unit. Check the Ductwork. Make sure there are no obstacles blocking the airflow. Check the below infographic to know more or visit:

Is your ac summer ready - An Infographics

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