AC service in Plano

This week and part of last week, we spent a lot of time servicing air conditioners in Plano. I ask every customer (unless I’m super busy and covered up with work) where they heard about us.  The internet google search for AC repair is huge and comes up a lot.  I’ve noticed over the past week too that customers in other STATES are calling me up asking for advice, what we call “free advice hotline”, because they have googled something and it took them to this blog I’ve been writing.  We’re a small company, it’s just me, my husband and our son.  We each wear lots of hats and I’m a technician, the book keeper, the receptionist, the janitor, the dispatcher, you get the idea.  So I don’t mind talking to these people when things are slower and I’m in the office.  But, as you can imagine, when I get AC calls and I’m literally elbow deep in an AC problem it’s not much fun.  But, this business is seasonal, and it’s either busy or not so you take the good with the bad and wade through each Summer as best you can. This humidity is the cause for lots of AC is dripping water on my ceiling, or my air conditioner is leaking water.  But also, it’s finally gotten hot, not “officially” 100 but very darn close and the air conditioners that have dirty condenser coils and also low on freon can no longer “cheat”. Customers will call me and say, my AC is not keeping up.  In the evening and early morning it cools down, but as the day goes on the temperature in my house climbs.  This is a good indication of the AC needs maintenance.  We’re seeing a lot of that right now.  This is where the early Spring check pays off in spades for the customers that had the good sense to call us in late March, early April to get their AC units cleaned and filled to proper levels with freon.  Dirty condenser coils cut back on your efficiency by as much as 50-90%.  If your AC unit is struggling to keep your house cool in the heat of the day, give us a call to clean up your air conditioner and check your refrigerant levels.

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