A/C Repairs in Allen, Tx

This week was crazy busy and the holidays threw everything into overdrive.  I hope everybody had a good and safe fourth of July.  I know my family had a very good holiday with both my kids and both my grandkids under one roof for almost the entire long weekend.  I’m exhausted but feeling so very blessed.

We spent a lot of time fixing air conditioners in Allen, Tx this week.  We had some drain line clean outs.  (Seems like I spend my entire time talking about drain line clean outs and I’m tired of that, but it will give you some idea of how many we do!).  The biggest thing I, personally messed with this week was issues in Murphy, Tx.  Last Saturday we replaced a BADLY leaking evaporator coil.  She called me back on Tuesday and said it wasn’t cooling again so I went back out and found a HUGE restriction in the filter line drier outside.  Luckily it was easy to explain by showing the customer the ice on just one end of the drier and then comparing it to the downstairs unit that was running normally right beside it which showed how that entire liquid line and drier should feel (which is warm).  So the customer and I hashed out a plan to remove the restricted drier and run a vacuum and get it charged back up and ready to go.  Okay, so I go to pump down the unit and cannot get the compressor to start, the amp draw is super high and it will not start.  Finally, after a couple of tries the air conditioning compressor starts and then the condenser fan motor won’t turn.  I’m thinking I’m about to get punk’d.  It’s like–REALLY???!!!  I replace the dual run capacitor hoping that was the only issue, but it made no difference.  I went in to get the customer and we brought out a butter knife so that I could show him that the fan would not turn, it was seized up but good.  So it was back and forth for awhile but we finally agreed upon removing the drier and shaking it to see what came out to determine if we thought the compressor had, what we call “shelled out”.  Which means it basically came apart inside and all the gaskets came apart in the freon lines and that is what caused the drier to restrict.  In which case, we’d need to replace the entire air conditioner.  So we do this and shake out the drier and sure enough it is full of little black pieces of gasket.  This customer was moving in December and really hated to have to spend more money after just having to replace the evaporator coil but he knew he was doing the right thing.  So we started this air conditioning installation in Murphy, Tx at 7:30 p.m. and finished up around 10:00 p.m.  It made for a long day.  But again, our customers know that we will take care of them and we do.  AC repairs in Murphy, Tx, AC repairs in Plano Tx and AC repairs all over the North Dallas metroplex are our specialty.  We take good care of our customers and make sure they are comfortable and understand all the workings of their air conditioning systems.  That’s it for this week!  Thanks for reading!!

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