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As Summer comes to a close, yeah, I know, it’s far from over, but the start of school is the start of the decline in AC service calls.  The heat usually continues through October.  But Labor Day, for us anyway, marks the celebration of making it through another Summer.  Just so happy it’s been another good year, lots of new air conditioning customers and still taking good care of our existing customers.  I’ve been pretty consistent with keeping up with this blog, my social media on Facebook, which I think has helped.  I’ve learned some lessons about what to post and what not to post.  What I can “write” and what not to “write”.  It’s definitely been a learning experience.  Not sure who, if anyone actually reads my blogs, but oh well.

I went to a AC service call in Sachse yesterday.  This lady was a widow, she moved here just a few months ago to be near her children and bought an 11 year old house.  She had just purchased a new roof and replaced a hot water heater.  Really, 10 years is about the max on a lot of appliances, especially the builder’s model AC equipment she had on her home.  It was a 2 story house with 2 Amana units.  The upstairs air conditioner was not cooling.  I found that the compressor had a terminal burned off.  Further inspection revealed a terminal had already been repaired, and a couple other parts that I can’t name were replaced too.  I went inside and asked her if she’d had lots of problems with this air conditioner in the past.  It’s what we call “chopped on”.  She said when she’d first moved in she had problems and they had added the 2 unnamed parts, she didn’t realize they had repaired the burned terminal.  I gave her pricing on replacing just the outside air conditioner with an R-22 Trane air conditioner and explained to her about the freon situation.  They stopped production of R-22 Freon in 2010 and will completely phase it out in 2020.  (This is the government talking so who knows if this will really be the case when 2020 gets here, but all that we have to go on at this point).  So I also priced her replacing her Amana air conditioner with a Trane AC and replacing the evaporator coil with a Trane evaporator coil at the same time and switching to the new R-410A refrigerant.  Since it was her upstairs unit that she rarely uses she wasn’t real worried about getting it replaced anytime soon so I never heard back from her.

Well, that’s all I have for this week.  Stay cool everyone!!

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