AC repair in Sachse Woodbridge

Acme Air Conditioning is located in Sachse, Tx.  I notice, as I answer the phone daily, that customers locate us with online Google searches and one of their main focuses is to find an air conditioning company near them.  Sachse is a quickly growing little city.  Woodbridge in Sachse, in particular is growing FAST!  But there is an older section of Woodbridge in Sachse that is older and as the air conditioners in that area are beginning to fail we are getting more and more repairs and replacements in that area.  However, I got a call from a guy on Saturday in Wylie area of Woodbridge whose house was only 2 months old.  As I explained to him, as builders try to keep their costs down and their houses affordable, they use low-end builder-model equipment, which will, normally last about 5 years before you start to have problems.  Most times the warranty on this air conditioning equipment is 5 years.  This guy in Wylie Woodbridge area, whose home was only 2 months old, was a first time homeowner.  I spent some time educating him on the type of equipment that he had, I showed him in the attic where the ice was forming on his evaporator coil.  I also explained to him that since we didn’t install the equipment we couldn’t honor any type of labor warranty that may have come with this new air conditioning equipment for this new home.  He told me that he had called the after hours number listed for the AC company that had installed this AC equipment and never got a response.  Unfortunately, that happens a lot in this industry.  Sometimes it feels that we are the only AC company out running emergency AC calls on the weekend.  This past weekend was SO HOT.  We worked all weekend long, running AC service as hard and as fast as we could go.  We were also installing new AC equipment in Richardson, Tx and also new AC equipment in Murphy, Tx.  It’s so funny to me how people believe AC companies that tell them they can’t get AC parts or AC equipment for a few days or even weeks. In the Summer months, we can pick up air condition equipment until 1:00 and for an extra fee they will open up for us on Saturday afternoon and even Sunday.  We work long hours to take care of our AC customers to make sure they don’t have to suffer through the heat!  Give us a call if you want an air conditioning company to truly take care of you like FAMILY!!

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