A/C Repair in Murphy, Tx

Got a call this week I wanted to share, it was an A/C repair in Murphy, Tx.  This customer had an air conditioner that would not come on outside and they had a newborn that had just come home from the hospital so they were in a bit of a panic.  Air conditioner repair in Murphy, Tx is in close proximity to us, and we take this type of Emergency ac repair in Murphy, Tx seriously.  We went out and found that the air conditioner was fairly new but the problem was that the AC installer had not tightened the 24o volt power at the contactor tightly enough and this generated enough heat over time that it completely melted the contactor:

I get AC calls a lot and they think that they are comparing apples to apples on AC installs if they are only checking AC equipment price vs. another company’s price.  I have talked to customers who have gotten prices so low that I know that the air conditioning company that gave them that price won’t be in business long, or that there was some sort of gimmick going on.  There are so many air conditioning companies out there.  Acme Air Conditioning has been in business since 1989.  We are TRULY locally family owned and operated.  We have seen AC companies come and go in our time in this field.  Choosing the right air conditioning company to install your air conditioning equipment is just as important as the brand of equipment you choose.  Poor installs are very dangerous.  There are so many things that can go wrong with a poor installation.  We’ve been called out on AC calls to “fix” another company’s poor installs so many times.  The customer has either “had it” with the company that did the install or the company is out of business.  So just keep that in mind when choosing your air conditioning equipment and choose a quality air conditioning company at the same time.  Choose Acme Air Conditioning.  We treat you like family.

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