AC repair in Murphy, Tx

This has been a busy June.  Summer decided to show up finally.  We’ve been running since June hit us.  Air conditioners are breaking down right and left.  Air conditioner fan motors aren’t lasting long with the rain we’ve been having and circuit board and variable speed blower motors aren’t lasting long with the lightening.  If your house doesn’t have guttering you need to make sure you at least have a diverter on your roof above your air conditioner to keep the rain from pouring down right on your air conditioner.  What happens is the air conditioner will be running with the rain coming down, the condenser fan motor gets hot from running, and the cool/cold rain hits it and that will knock one out in a hurry.  So it’s best to check on that before you wind up buying a new motor and then the next rain ruins your new motor.  We’ve seen lots of air conditioning water issues this month too with all this humidity.  I’ve explained in my blogs before about how an air conditioner is a dehumidier, it removes the humidity from your home.  The “humidity”/water has to go somewhere.  It normally goes to your sewer system and you never see it.  If you see water dripping outside your house, more than likely you’ve got clogged main drain line and we will need to come out and blow the line out with nitrogen.  The big problems we see with clogged drain line is that it seems that when you start to have problems with water/condensation it will almost certainly be an annual event.  You can help this with some preventative maintenance.  Adding 1/2 cup of bleach to your drain line at the beginning of the season and once a month throughout the Summer months will help with the goo that builds up in the lines.  The other problem we see with clogged drain lines is in older houses when the drain lines are ran in copper instead of PVC.  Number one, it’s an old house which equals old drain lines too.  But copper drain lines are the worst about collecting debris on the outside of the lines.  It’s like a clogged artery.  We blow it out with nitrogen but it just blows an area through the middle and the outside of the artery is still clogged and it won’t take much debris flowing through it to clog it again.  The best thing you can do in this situation is have a plumber run your drain lines out of PVC.  We also have to, in some cases, install an electric pump that forces the water out of the drain lines.  We’re seeing this more and more.  When clogged drain lines get to be a problem that happens more than once a year we can install a pump.  This works very well.

But back to my original title of AC repair in Murphy, Tx.  I did some AC repairs in Murphy, Tx that warrant a story.  This customer had a 2 story house, with an upstairs air conditioner and a downstairs air conditioner.  The upstairs unit stopped cooling very effectively, in fact it had frozen up from low refrigerant levels but the customer didn’t know this at the time.  On Sunday he went to the breaker panel and flipped the breakers to make sure this wasn’t the problem.  He flipped the upstairs and the downstairs since he didn’t know which was which.  This wasn’t the problem, as I mentioned.  But what happened at that point was that the downstairs AC unit breaker flipped back immediately under his finger.  He called us on Monday morning and I went out to see what was going on.  Usually when a breaker trips under your finger it means the compressor is shorted out.  I went straight to the compressor wires and ohmed them to see if they were shorted.  They were not.  I isolated the unit from the whip and the breaker still continued to trip under my finger after being reset.  I then determined that in order to check further we needed to replace the breaker and make sure it wasn’t just a bad breaker, and not at all a short.  We replaced the breaker and turns out that’s all that was wrong.  Good find for me!  Sometimes it doesn’t pay to start messing around with your air conditioner when you know absolutely nothing about what or where to start checking.  Give us a call and let a professional solve your problems!!

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