A/C Repair in Murphy, Tx

This weeks focus is on last week’s air conditioning service call in Murphy, Tx.  Murphy AC calls are very handy for us due to their close proximity to our office/shop.  Just literally up the road and Murphy is growing and what were once the newer houses are getting older, which means the AC equipment in Murphy is getting older and needing more AC repair or A/C replacement.  This leads me to my story this week about a air conditioning service call in Murphy.  We went out to a AC call in Murphy and found the system completely out of freon.  A freon leak detection found a large freon leak in the attic in the evaporator coil.  We presented this to the customer and she went with our recommendation to replace the evaporator coil.  We returned the next morning and installed an evaporator coil in Murphy for this AC customer.  About 2 weeks later she called again and said the AC was not cooling in Murphy, Tx.  Sometimes the customer would like to try and blame us for this sort of problem, forgetting, as this customer did that the air conditioner was over 15 years old and a builders model AC unit at that.  The compressor was out.  After I showed her amp readings she agreed to also replace the outside unit at that point.  I get calls where customers say:  My ac quit cooling in Murphy, TX or my air condition is blowing hot air or my AC is not cooling my house.  I get them scheduled up and take care of them, usually the same day!  We are a very trustworthy and honest air conditioning company that serves all of the North Dallas Metroplex.  If you need us, we will be there to help you.

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