AC repair in Garland, Tx

We’ve been busy this week with AC repairs in Garland, AC repairs in Plano, AC repairs in Murphy, AC repairs in North Dallas.  The cooler weather and much-needed rain has slowed us down some but it’s been a busy April and hopefully May will warm up and get the phone ringing.  Air conditioning repairs in Garland have been our big focus this week.  Garland ac service has kept up hopping and we like that.  Garland is close and it is so big!  You forget that it stretches so far South!  We focus on North Garland AC repairs but still have South Garland AC repairs, we just charge a little bit more because of the further drive.  Air conditioning service calls in Plano have been good, AC service call in Plano, and customers needing air conditioning service in Plano have been on the rise with the first warm days of Summer just hitting us.  Haven’t seen as many drain line service calls yet because the humidity is down.  Once the humidity rises and the a/c’s start running more and condensating more then it will be on with clogged drain lines.  Sometimes we get called out for what customers think is a clogged drain line which turns out to be an old rusted out evaporator coil.  Not much can be done for that other than a band-aid fix of installing a new drain pan or the better fix of replacing the evaporator coil, which includes a new drain pan.  Refrigerant refills have been on the rise with the warmer temps.  The attics have sure been nice for AC equipment installations.  Will miss those cooler attic temps here in about a month or so.  We’ve been pretty busy in April with new AC equipment installations, new evaporator coil installations and even a couple of furnace installations.  Things are gearing up and our AC trucks are stocked and ready for the Summer.  That’s all I’ve got for this week.  See you next week!

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