My A/C is blowing hot air in Plano, Tx

You know, let’s be honest, this blog is for nothing more than to get traffic to my website.  With the traffic, comes the checking out my website, with the website comes (hopefully) an AC service call.  There are things I can’t even type here because it draws in the type of calls that I don’t want to receive so as I stick to this blog posting thing more than ever, staying faithful this year and blogging once a week, I realize more and more that I have to be very careful about my wording.  I don’t want to invite question and answer sessions or service calls to areas we don’t even service.  We are a very small, family owned AND operated air conditioning business.  Being small, we have to stay within a reasonable radius of the areas that we provide air conditioning service to and for.  AC service in Firewheel is a good one for us, as it’s very close.  Air conditioning service in Firewheel Garland, is another way to word it to grab some Google searches.  My air conditioner is blowing hot in Firewheel area, is yet another.  It’s hard to figure out what my potential customers are typing in their search to find an honest air conditioning company in the Plano, Garland, North Dallas area.

I’ve made trips to the local air conditioning parts houses a lot in my 18 years in this field.  Ronnie, my husband, has always told me:  “Look around while you’re in there, you’ll see that we are the ‘elite’”.  It’s true, the air conditioning field is not regulated strictly enough to weed out the “less desirable” technicians (for lack of a better word).  With it being just a Family Owned and Operated Air Conditioning Company, we are local, here in Sachse and it’s just the 3 of us, our AC customers know who to expect, they trust us and know we are honest and dependable.  We take good care of our AC customers and treat them like family.  If you’re looking for a new air conditioning company that you can trust and depend on give us a call!

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