Problems caused by NOT having an Air Conditioner Check Up

I’ve been in this air conditioning business a long time and this really, has GOT to be the craziest weather I’ve ever seen.  Just checked the weather this morning and I guess the 90′s are finally on their way.  It’s not too late to get your air conditioner check up.  A lot of my customers will tell me they just wait until it stops cooling because they keep it clean and change their filters but as most of you know, filters are often overlooked and condenser coils are not cleaned UNTIL it stops cooling.  An air conditioner is just like your vehicle, it requires regular maintenance and check ups.  Running an air conditioner low on refrigerant, with dirty coils or dirty air filters will cause all kinds of problems:

Dirty condenser coils:  This causes the air conditioner to run extremely high pressures and high pressures = high temperatures.  High temperatures = added stress to the compressor and it’s components.  The most common problem is an imploded run capacitor, but it can also cause the compressor to overheat and shut off or short out and 9 times out of 10 a shorted out compressor means a new unit.  All because your coils were dirty.  How simple that would be to remedy.  Not to mention the decreased capacity of the unit and increased electric bill.  NOT WORTH IT!!

Dirty Air Filter:  This can cause the system to freeze up which is very hard on the compressor and the blower motor in the attic is taxed because it is trying to blow air across a block of ice.  This can cause the blower motor to fail.  Also, dirty filters decrease your air flow to your house which is never good when it’s 100 degrees outside.

Low Refrigerant Levels:  The refrigerant comes back to the compressor and cools it.  When the levels are decreased, it can create a slew of problems.  #1.  It doesn’t cool very well and will more than likely freeze up causing the problems mentioned above.  #2.  The compressor will run hotter which can cause it to shut off or short out, neither are good.  #3.  The unit has to run LONGER to cool the home which means it doesn’t cool as well and your electric bill is higher.

So, as you see, having these things checked out BEFORE it heats up is very important.  Give us a call to schedule your air conditioning inspection today!!  (972) 530-8060







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