Drain Line/Water Leak Issues

I would like to mention a problem I see a lot with my customers and they have NO IDEA they have a problem.  It’s the drain line dripping water outside.  They think, “it’s just the a/c, it’s okay”.  Well, it’s NOT okay.  An air conditioner is a dehumidifier.  It removes moisture from the air inside your home and that’s another way it cools.  Less humidity = cooler feeling air inside the home.  Well, it has to do something with all that humidity/water it removes.  In 90% of the homes in the area, the water is removed and goes into the sewer system of the home, you never see it.  In a perfect world this would remain so.  If this line clogs, and this time of year it does, A LOT,  (The drain line is the ideal environment for the “gunk” that grows inside these lines and blocks them (algae, mold, etc.))  the water will go into the auxiliary drain line or auxiliary drain pan and drip outside your home.  You’ll usually see the auxiliary line at the eave of your home, usually in a conspicuous area.  So if you see water dripping from this PVC pipe at your eave this is your alarm that the main drain line is clogged and you need to call us to get it unclogged and get your system draining normally. By NOT calling you start a domino effect of what can go wrong from this.  I have actually been in homes where the customer was on vacation and came home to their ceiling laying on the floor.  Trust me, it was NOT a pretty site.  The auxiliary drain pan is called the Emergency Drain Pan for a reason.  It’s for emergency only, it was not made to catch water full time.  It will catch it for, oh, say a year or less, and then it will rust through.  When it rusts through, you guessed it, the water will pour onto your ceiling.  And in very humid weather the system can remove up to 8 gallons of water per hour.  That’s a lot of water folks.

So, long story short, if you see water dripping outside, give us a call.  We can save you a huge headache that’s just waiting for you around the corner.  (972) 530-8060!!


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