Crazy Texas Weather

Okay, 40 degree weather in May IS crazy….but we all know the 100 degree days are coming.  The coupons on the Spring Tune Ups have expired but I’ve had many of you calling trying to squeeze in at the last minute or asking for an extension.  This is what I’m telling you:  We DO allow extension, tune-ups in May.  HOWEVER, once we hit May and start in taking air conditioning service calls we will bump you to accommodate the people that have NO air versus you, with air, just needing a check up.  That’s the reasoning behind the expiration date.  We’d like you to schedule early and get it done before things get crazy on our end.  But we all know this isn’t a perfect world and that doesn’t always happen, so, no worries, we’ll take care of you, as we always have.

Okay, that said…..the weather is teasing us, first warm and then freezing.  I must say, it’s VERY unusual for this time of year but hopefully, for us, the summer will drag out a little longer!  :)   We’ve been busy around here anyway, taking advantage of the cold down time to better prepare ourselves for what’s ahead.  Just recently had QR Code stickers printed for our trucks.  If you’re like me, I had no idea what a QR code was until about a week ago.  It’s the little squiggly box design that is popping up everywhere.  If you get the QR reader on your smart phone you can scan it and it will take you directly to our website, which is very cool.  I’ll get Ronnie to get those on this weekend and we’ll be slowly climbing out of the dinosaur ages around here.  Equipment sales are coming up, lots of old, rusted out broken down stuff out there and people are trying to update their equipment with the new refrigerant R410A and move away from the old R22 since it’s stopped being produced in 2010 and the price is sky-high, supply and demand you know.

The financing is continued thru the end of this month, you need to take advantage of that if you’re one of those with tired, inefficient air conditioning equipment.  We can save you some money and keep you cooler and give you 3 years same as cash, no interest folks! to pay for it.  Call me or contact me via email and I’ll set you up.

That’s it for now.



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