How often should I change my air conditioning air filter?


This is dependent upon a lot of variables. There are filters out there that are made to be changed once per year and filters that are meant to be changed every 30 days and still others that fall all in between. We do not recommend the fiberglass 30 day filters. They catch softballs and June bugs, that's about it. Everything that passes through this filter (and any other filter that does not do it's job) attaches itself to your evaporator coil which reduces the airflow in your home and also the efficiency of your system. We recommend the pleated air filters for 1" or 4" applications. These are the accordian-type paper filters. Your changing schedule will depend upon smoking, animals, and how much the system is running. For instance, a 1" filter in a non-smoking, pet-free home in the summer months may need to be changed every 3-4 months and this same filter in a smoking home with pets may need to be changed after 2 weeks-1 month. In the winter time (when the system is not operating as much) this filter can be left in place longer. You'll just need to get to know your system and periodically check the filter and change it when it gets dirty.