Why is there water dripping outside my house?


If the water is coming from a small PVC pipe that is usually in the eave of the home you have a problem, more than likely your main drain line for your air conditioning system is clogged and needs to be addressed. See question #7 "Why is there water on my ceiling?" for more information about this issue. I have so many customers that think it is okay for the water to drip outside their home, knowing it is the air conditioning system. No one has ever told them, as I am telling you now, that the water dripping outside is your alarm that there is a problem with your system. As an air conditioning system removes humidity from your home, in the form of water, this water has to go somewhere. It is normally passed through the drain lines and into the plumbing of your home, normally into a nearby sink or bathtub. If this line becomes clogged the water is meant to flow into the auxiliary drain pan and drip outside to alert you that this main drain is clogged.