Why is my A/C blowing hot air?


This is a very common question that we get and the problem is that it could be any number of things. As a homeowner, unfortunately, there are just a few things that you can check and possibly remedy yourself. First of all, go outside and see if the outside unit is running. If it is running, see if the air coming from the top is warm-hot. If the air is warm-hot you may need a refrigerant recharge if the air coming out the grills is not cold enough. If the air is cool then you need to shut the system off and call an air conditioning company to properly diagnose the system. If the outside unit is not running check the breaker that operates this A/C. If the breaker is tripped you need to reset it (see question #3 "How do I properly reset my A/C breaker?"). If the air conditioning unit is running but you see ice on the refrigerant lines follow the instructions on question #1 "Why is there ice on my outside unit?".