AC / Heating Repair Question and Answer

Below are some of our frequently asked questions for Air Conditioning and Heating HVAC services.

Why is there ice on my outside AC unit?
Why is my A/C blowing hot air?
How do I properly reset my A/C breaker?
Why is my A/C tripping the breaker?
Where do I change my air filter for my air conditioning system?
Which way should the arrow point on my filter?
Why is there water on my ceiling?
Why does my thermostat not work? Why does my thermostat readout -AC?
Why does my air conditioner not come on inside OR outside?
Why is one of the rooms in my home hotter/colder than the others?
Why does my air conditioning system smell like it's burning? Why does my A/C system have an electrical burning smell?
Why is there water dripping outside my house?
How often should I change my air conditioning air filter?
How do I clean my air conditioning unit?
How much does Freon cost?
How do you charge an air conditioning unit?
Why are my electric bills so high?
Why is my attic so hot?
Does my furnace have a pilot?
Why is my air conditioning unit vibrating?
Why does my air conditioner run continually? Why does my air conditioner never shut off?
Why is my air conditioner loud?
Should I have my air conditioning ducts cleaned?
Why is there mold coming from my Air Conditioner grills?
Why does my air conditioning system have a funny smell?
Why is my duct work falling apart?
How do I know if there's a crack in my heat exchanger?
Why does my pilot keep blowing out?
Why is there a gurgling noise coming from my sink?
Why is there water around my air conditioner?
When should I get my air conditioning system serviced? When should I get my furnace serviced?
Why do my lights dim when my air conditioner starts?
How do you know when your air conditioner is low on Freon?
Should I turn my air conditioner off while I'm gone during the day?
What is the best temperature to set my thermostat?
When should I replace my A/C unit?
When should I replace my HVAC system?
Why do I hear birds in my flue pipe?
Should I buy a condensating furnace?
Why does my thermostat click?
Who should I call when my air conditioning unit stops working?
Who is the cheapest A/C company in town?
Why is there a rattling noise coming from my furnace?
What size of A/C unit do I need for my house?
What is better electric heat or a heat pump?
Why is there smoke blowing from the top of my air conditioning unit?